Fenty Beauty Fantasy 4Sum Gloss Bomb Set

Fantasy 4Sum

Fenty Beauty Fantasy 4Sum 4-Piece Gloss Bomb Set is a new, limited edition set of four glosses to the holiday season. They’re all new shades, though three shades are holographic takes on existing shades; these are also the miniature-sized glosses in the set. The full-sized shade has a cream finish in comparison, and it was also high coverage (more than marketed). I love the original Gloss Bomb Luminizer formula; they’re plush and smoothing while having decent longevity and a really hydrating feel over time, and these three minis performed well. The cream shade was decent but not the highlight of the set.

Fenty Glow Fantasy

Fenty Glow Fantasy is a darker coral with warmer, more orange-leaning undertones and multi-colored micro-sparkle throughout. It had semi-sheer color coverage with a light dusting of sparkle, so it delivered a tint against my natural lip color, shine, and a bit of twinkle. The gloss had a thicker consistency, though it wasn’t tacky or heavy in feel to me, and it spread easily across my lips without getting into my lip lines. It wore well for four hours and felt moisturizing over time.

Hot Chocolit Fantasy

Hot Chocolit Fantasy is a darker, plummy brown with neutral undertones and a dusting of iridescent micro-sparkle with a glossy finish. It had sheer color coverage that delivered a plummy tint to my natural lip color with light-to-moderate shimmer/sparkle. The consistency felt smooth, thicker but plush and non-sticky, which helped to soften my lip lines and was very forgiving of imperfections. It stayed on well for four hours and felt hydrating while worn.

Champ Stamp Fantasy

Champ Stamp Fantasy has a transparent base with lots of peach and gold shimmer and micro-sparkle paired with a high-shine, glossy finish. It had sheer coverage, as marketed, that spread comfortably across my lips and smoothed out my lip lines. The texture was smooth, plush, and thicker, but not heavy or sticky, which made it comfortable to wear. This shade lasted well for four hours and was moisturizing over time.

Candy Milk

Candy Milk is a darker pink with subtle, warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. The texture was smooth, almost like a cream-gel hybrid, but it was a thicker formula that felt that way on my lips, so I imagine for some, it will be heavier/too thick. It had semi-opaque, buildable color payoff, which was more than marketed, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips with some product that settled into my deeper lip lines. It wore well for four hours and was hydrating over time.