Fenty Beauty Double Take Gloss Bomb Cream Lip Set


Double Take

Fenty Beauty Double Take Gloss Bomb Cream Lip Set includes two, new full-sized shades of shimmer-free gloss in shades of cotton candy pink and muted, pink-coral. They’re comfortable to wear–hydrating and plush without being tacky–but they are a little thick, and the thickness combined with the cream finish made them more prone to settling into my lip lines.

Bubble Binge

Bubble Binge is a brighter, medium-dark cotton candy pink with cool, blue undertones and a cream finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage that applied somewhat evenly but had a tendency to get into my deeper lip lines, though the shiny finish made it less noticeable in person. The texture was smooth, plush, and non-sticky but felt thicker than ideal. It wore well for four hours and felt moisturizing over time.


Cupcakin’ is a medium-dark, pink-leaning coral with soft, warm undertones paired with a cream finish. The texture felt smooth, mostly non-sticky, and plush, but it was thick enough that a second layer did not feel comfortable (and the formula was designed to be buildable). It had semi-opaque pigmentation in a single layer, but the color pulled into my lip lines and emphasized them, unfortunately. It stayed on well for four hours and felt hydrating while worn.