Fenty Beauty Board Memb’r & The MVP Icon Lipsticks

Board Memb’r

Fenty Beauty Board Memb’r Icon Semi-Matte Lipstick is a deep burgundy with cool undertones and a satin finish. This one had a lot of ultra-fine pearl in it, but not enough to make it look metallic or anything like that. When compared to other shades in the range, the texture was light, creamy, and emollient, with more noticeable slip. It had a semi-opaque color coverage that applied evenly, but it didn’t adhere as well to the inner area of my lips and was more prone to gathering around texture flaws (like flakes/peeling bits). This color stayed put for five hours, left a stain, and was light on the skin.

MVP Icon

Fenty Beauty The MVP Icon Semi-Matte Lipstick is a vibrant, medium-dark blue-based red with a satin finish and cooler undertones. This was the line-most up’s matte shade. It gave me opaque color coverage in a single swipe, applied evenly and gently across my lips without pulling, and was not too slippery, so it stayed put. The lipstick had a silicone-like fluidity and a soft, creamy texture. This color had a light moisturizing effect and lasted for about six and a half hours.