Fendi’s SS’21 collection which was unveiled during Milan Fashion Week

Oftentimes, we seek comfort in things we are most comfortable and familiar with to keep us grounded. Especially so during this strange and hazy year where everything happened so quickly that it all seems to be just a fad. On the other hand, if there’s one thing that we have collectively taken from the past year is the significance of familial ties, an important aspect of Italian culture. Inevitably, intimacy becomes the focal point for Fendi’s SS’21 collection which was unveiled during Milan Fashion Week earlier this year. 

Under its creative director, Silvia Venturini Fendi, this season’s outfits are a reflection of her quiet time in her home in Rome. Taking the spotlight in this collection is linen fabrics that are ubiquitous to almost every household and they play a pivotal role in conjuring up images of vintage bedding and tableware — the through-line of this collection. While seeking inspirations from the domestic items laying around may not sound exactly exciting or sexy, Fendi is able to infuse its DNA and turn them into pieces to elude an air of understated sensuality.

The colour palette this season leans towards neutral tones calling to mind the hues of wheat, milk and honey that are apposed against blues — all reminiscent of the countryside of Italy. Aside from these muted colours, bold reds and statement blacks also punctuate the collection. Prints that look like window panels are also seen on a lot of the pieces, its as if Fendi is replicating the moments where we were stuck at home, peering out of the window during the lockdown. Embroidered floral patterns adorn the shirts to create textures and contrast to the otherwise simple, plain outerwears.

Ingeniously capturing the zeitgeist of the times, the tailoring for this season’s menswear leans towards a more relaxed silhouette and movements now less restricted by the clothes. For the bottoms, there are options for long pants that drape beautifully at the ankles but if you are already thinking of an outfit for summer then go for the box-shaped shorts as they make a strong case for an unfazed and light attire.

Accessories play a huge part in any Fendi collection and this season the brand has shrunk its bags to sizes just enough to hold your laptop (if you are required to be mobile) and most of your essentials, they are also made from durable materials such as leather and canvas. For a casual bag, you can opt for the one that’s made from wicker, just small enough for a day’s out.

Images courtesy of Alessandro Lucioni