Fendi Has Teamed Up With Ledger, A Global Cryptocurrency And Digital Asset Platform

fendi ledger

Image: Fendi

The metaverse is currently the hottest and most dynamic trend, and as a result, luxury fashion house Fendi is collaborating with Ledger, a global platform for cryptocurrency and digital assets, to create luxury goods for it. On January 15, the collaboration was revealed at Fendi Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 show in Milan. The two designs that have been revealed thus far appear to be cases for Ledger’s hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano X, which was designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi. The O’Lock chain and Fendi’s signature Baguette bag inspired the two designs. The Ledger hardware wallet fits snugly in both cases.

fendi baguette ledgerfendi baguette ledgerfendi baguette ledger

Image: Fendi

The O’Lock features a hidden hinge for access to the Ledger Nano X, while the Baguette style accessory flips up so you can tuck your wallet in it. Both of Fendi’s crypto accessories come with an adjustable lanyard and snap hooks for securing or stowing.

fendi ledger o'lock chainfendi ledger o'lock chainfendi ledger o'lock chain

Image: Fendi

Future design variations planned by the luxury fashion house include leather inserts, gold plating, and a blinged-out style with cubic zirconia. In June 2022, Fendi accessories for the Ledger Nano X will be available on the Fendi website.