Felix Jaehn and R3hab Remix New Rammstein Single “Ausländer”

Two of electronic music’s top in-demand artists have been enlisted to remix German rock group Rammstein. Both Felix Jaehn and R3hab, who both have made huge strides in 2019, have added their own individual takes on the latest single “Ausländer” from the band’s untitled seventh studio album. Although both remixes have different approaches, each bring the originally rock song in to the rave arena with energetic style. The remix from fellow German native Felix Jaehn aims to take Rammstein to the main stage of electronic dance music festivals across the world. It opens with an enticing yet soft guitar strumming unusually paired with Rammstein’s singer Till Lindemann authoritative singing. But it works in a way that transcends Lindemann’s distinct presence well known in the Neue Deutsche Härte (a.k.a. New German Harder) genre and fits into the big room banger Jaehn concocts. Building up with Lindemann’s lyrics, Felix Jaehn teams sharp synths with blaring horns followed by a massive kick.

Meanwhile, Dutch producer and DJ R3hab made a psytrance anthem out of a Rammstein song. The production here takes the ferocity that make up Rammstein’s reputation and channels into a headbanging beat of 138 bpm. Tethered together with guitar work from the original and throbbing bass, R3hab’s “Ausländer” remix prevails at matching the intensity of Rammstein across two different genres. In short, Felix Jaehn and R3hab have both created anthems that will please the main stage socialite and the trance stans respectively. In their own ways, both artists made their remixes exciting, catchy, and accessible to audiences who may never hear Rammstein’s music in a DJ set. Most importantly, the remixes might also create new fans for all three from bridging the gap between these genres. Check out both remixes and the original out now.