Feint And R7CKY Team Up On The DnB-Infused “ Lost & Found ”, Which Features Skyelle

Feint, a drum and bass producer, released “Fading Wind” last summer, a lighthearted song fueled by yearning lyrics. Feint is currently collaborating with Chinese artist R7CKY and also singer-songwriter Skyelle for their brand-new engaging single “Lost & Found,” which is available now via Monstercat. Feint’s collaboration with R7CKY bridges the social space between the East and the West by combining both artists’ distinct styles. “Lost & Found” alternates between instrumental chords and liquified trills, all while Skyelle’s uplifting tempo propels the song forward through billowing soundscapes.

Using soul-stirring build-ups and joyful breakdowns, “Lost & Found” reminds listeners to keep pushing to find and nurture their best selves, no matter how lost they may feel. Feint recalls that “part of the message behind ‘Lost & Found’ is not being afraid to be the best variation of yourself without caring what anyone else assumes—even if you have to shed parts of yourself to find that potential.”

Feint, a UK-born producer, has attracted the attention of his peers with his undeniable production prowess since beginning his career. Feint has gained followers by proving he is a force to be reckoned with in the dance room by fusing stirring elements of melodious bass with passing through DnB. Feint’s “Lost & Found” perfectly imitates the charm of life’s turbulence with dulcet harmonies and a stimulating kick-snare mix, combining his intricate skillset with those of stellar musicians R7CKY and Skyelle.

Check out “Lost & Found” below!