Feel the Vibes: GANZ Drops Addictive Single ‘Won’t Forget U’

Fans have been captivated by GANZ’s artistic journey since the groundbreaking ‘Hyperparadise’ remix captivated us ten years back.

Over the years, the Amsterdam-based producer has expanded his sonic horizons, venturing into indie, pop, and avant-garde realms. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil his latest boundary-pushing creation, “Won’t Forget U,” a collaboration with jsaamena under GANZ’s new project. Released through his freshly minted yLewis® label, this track is a whirlwind of excitement, bursting with vibrant colors and infectious energy. It melds industrial sounds with jazzy chords, pulsating ‘jungle’ beats, and formidable bass lines. The result? An irresistible dance floor anthem that amps up anticipation for GANZ’s forthcoming releases this year.