Fedde Le Grand Makes A Comeback With “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You”

Fedde Le Grand returns with “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You,” another funky new single. Following up from his previous album “Heaven” with Robert Falcon, the experienced producer/DJ delves deeper into the tech-house arena with “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You.” “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You,” with its infectious bassline, old school bass synthesizers, and hypnotic vocal repetition, is set to light up the dance floors throughout the world.

Fedde Le Grand’s tune is more of a stripped-down affair. The output is kept to a minimum. The majority of the song is propelled by a four-on-the-floor rhythm, the vocals provide a great touch, and the drop, with its droning bass synthesizers, gives it an old school flavor. “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You” is an unmistakable house song that will undoubtedly find its way into sets throughout the summer. Listen to Fedde Le Grand’s latest single, “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You,” which is out now on Darklight Recordings.