Favorite speed demon Haus of Panda reworks Proxy’s rave classic,“Raven”

Favorite speed demon Haus of Panda reworks Proxy’s rave classic “Raven” with his very own Speed House flip, available as a free download. The iconic “Raven” intro is kept intact, bumping up the BPM to better match Haus of Panda’s choice speed. An epic flurry of breaks and synth risers build up the production before landing on the track’s first high-octane drop, with plenty of stutters and switch-ups to keep listeners on their toes. A secondary lead is introduced in the track’s final moments, increasing momentum and interest once again to close out the edit.

Keeping with the recipe that has worked for him best, Haus of Panda continues to release high-energy productions and lead his Speed House Movement well into 2021.

Revisit the electrifying 2012 original from Proxy here and check out the latest from Haus of Panda below.

Proxy – Raven (Haus of Panda Speed House Remix)