Fashion Tips For Shorter Men To Make Your Shopping & Style Sessions Worthwhile

Shopping, an activity almost every woman enjoys, can be relatively arduous and tasking for most men. After going through all the stress, the shorter man takes the worse hit as he most likely has to alter most of the pieces he purchases. But what’s a short guy supposed to do? Grow taller? We all know that isn’t possible. However, with a few fashion tips for shorter men, you can make style sessions more pleasurable. Although, not being tall can suck when it comes to shopping for clothes, it’s important to remember that just because you are short doesn’t mean you have to dress short.

If you’re a shorter man, the way you dress can alter people’s perception of your vertical physique and your height won’t be the first thing people notice when they see you. In order to maximise your height and look taller than your DNA intended, here are fashion tips just for you. Check out these fashion tips for shorter men to make your shopping and style sessions worthwhile.

Find A Great Tailor

This is a necessity for everyone, and if you always have to alter clothing to suit your size, then it’s non-negotiable. You need to find a tailor who knows his craft and understands how to play up your physique while amending. In addition to this, having custom-made pieces by your tailor would save you the hassle of shopping and having to alter. What’s better than having an outfit specifically made for you?

Wear What Fits

Loose-fitting clothes will only end up making you look sloppy. Avoid trousers with excess cloth around the crotch, and also low-waisted ones (except you intend to look like a hobbit or a minion). Also, stay away from jackets that hang loosely around the armpits. Generally, baggy outfits don’t flatter you, so you should do your best to stay clear. When shopping, think slim (not skinny), and you’ll be glad you did.

Go Monochrome

Photo: @noble_igwe/Instagram

The trick is to get creative with colors of the same hue as you minimize wearing colors that differ too much. It is best to stick with a light-colored top and bottom if you are going light and a dark-colored top and bottom if you are going dark. Bold color-blocking is never an option as it divides your body into two, making you appear shorter. 


Another style tip for shorter men is to use accessories to your favor but remember to keep them simple. For example, you can accessorize with a pocket square, scarf, lapel pin, epaulets on a shirt’s shoulders, a contrast inner collar on a shirt, etc. Accessories draw attention to something other than your height and flashes to the onlooker that you have a healthy sense of style.

Tuck In, It Flatters You

Photo: @denolagrey/Instagram

The reason you want to tuck in is to ensure your leg line is maximized. You never want your leg line to appear shorter than it really is. Tucking in your shirt naturally gives any spectator an illusion of you being taller. The difference between tall and short men is usually in their limbs and you always want to make your limbs look as long as possible.

Maintain A Good Posture

Standing and sitting tall boosts your height a few inches more. A person appears more confident and ready to do anything despite his height when he has proper posture. So you’ve got to sit tall, stand tall, and walk tall. After all, being short isn’t a deficiency and you have to proudly own all of who you are. The key is to dress to flatter your body type, because looking good doesn’t mean having to look taller.

Featured image: Noble Igwe | Instagram