Fashion Tips Every Stylish Man Should know

Have you ever wondered how some men always look so well put together no matter what they are wearing? Well the answer is pretty simple. These men have knowledge on the tips for men’s fashion, so creating an effortless look comes almost naturally. While there are a thousand and one things vying for your attention when shopping, the building blocks for a strong closet lies in a handful of things. Whether it’s a classic black shoe, a trendy hat or wristwatch. Here is a list of the most important fashion tips every man should know. As a result of them, dress up will be fun time and slay inevitable.

Firstly, a key style tip you should memorize is that the last part of your outfit — the item you put on last — is ironically the first thing people notice. That is to say 90% of the time, the hierarchy of style noticeability breaks down in this order: outerwear, hair, shoes, shirts, pants, accessories, socks and underwear. If you’re paying all of your attention to the wrong parts of your ensemble, then you’ll never get the right attention. No matter how stunning your suit may be, pairing it with a worn out shirt or ill-fitting shoes is telling that you just don’t give a damn about your overall appearance.

Check Out These Fashion Tips Every Stylish Man Should know

Know Your Style Anchor

Style anchor is the focal point of any ensemble. It is the main outfit that all else is built around. Whenever you’re dressing up, identify your style anchor and weave every other outfit and/or accessory around it. This will give you a well coordinated and stylish look. However, it is important not to center your outfit around an accessory because it can be overlooked. You can center your look on a pair of fabulous pants, classic shoes or even a stylish blazer. The options are endless!

Know thyself

This is an important tip for men’s fashion as you want to opt for outfits that are true to your personality and style. Maybe you’re a man who loves a gentleman look, or one who’s drawn to edgy and trendy pieces. Regardless of the kind of man you are, your choice of outfit should showcase this. For example, in the case of the gentleman-ly man, opting for timeless classics will be so you.

Invest In Quality Shoes

It’s no news that good shoes can elevate your entire look, so you should be willing to invest in quality options. This is because good quality shoes will serve you for the long run and there’s no risk of it changing shape, loosing it’s form or developing holes. Also, try to own a variety of shoes as different shoes fit different outfits. Certainly, this is a fashion rule every man should take seriously.

Wear Accessories, but keep at a minimal

Accessories like hats, sunglasses, and even handbags are have a place in every ensemble, however, keep them at minimal. As stated earlier, accessories shouldn’t be the focal point of your entire look, but they sure do have a place. That is to say you should weave them in tastefully like a style pro.

Dress For The Setting

This men’s fashion tip is one that should never be ignored. It not only plays true for men, but also women. When dressing up, keep the setting in mind so you don’t show up like a fish out of water. For example, in a business setting, you should stick to formal wear, likewise casual options should be chosen for a more laid back setting. This way, you will not only stay stylish, but also relevant.

Keep Your Underwear Simple

Of course, there’s a place for underwear when it comes to style, and that is under your outfit. With this in mind, this is one place you can ply the relaxed route without feeing guilty. Too much patterns, prints, textures, and detailing just complicate the whole essence of briefs. Plus, considering this is one option that stays close to your private, you don’t want fabrics or detailing that can irritate the skin under there. That’s why the tried and trusted cotton briefs are always a win.

Know When To Break The Rules

Yes, these are important fashion rules for men but equally important is the creativity and spontaneity good style take root in. Seeing that creativity is the bedrock of genius, you should allow your creative juices to flow when curating an ensemble. Sometimes, this might come at the risk of one or more of these tips for men’s fashion, but it’ll definitely be worth it. So the next time you are styling yourself remember these tips and let them lead the way.

Featured image: @stuylin/Instagram