Fashion Looks That Prove the Whole ‘White After Labor Day’ Thing Is a Myth

We’re all familiar with the rule stating you can’t wear white after Labor Day. So once this long weekend is over, we should all pack up our white jeans, dresses and the like until next summer. It’s one of those mandates you learn early on, but are never quite sure where it originated. Some say it was born before air conditioning was invented when people relied on sun-reflecting colors and fabrics to stay cool. Others say it was a way for the rich to differentiate themselves from the poorer working class. (The latter lived in dirty cities and wore darker colors.) If you could afford to escape the city in summer, you could afford to ditch dark clothes until it was time to return in fall. Whatever the original reason, skipping white after Labor Day is no longer in style.

The street style set has been breaking the so-called rule for a while now. Street stylists rock white button-downs all year long. They step out in stark suits and separates. And love flaunting white boots straight through winter. To get you started on the road to fashion freedom, we’ve rounded up 12 expert street style executions. See below for the best ways to wear white after Labor Day.