Fashion Face Masks Are A Major Thing Right Now: Be Inspired!

While some are dealing directly with the deadly impact of COVID-19, for many others, one of the major problems this lockdown poses is boredom. Finding activities to combat boredom has therefore become one of the most searched keywords on Google.

For many creatives, the search for rewarding activities has literally translated to creating face masks which have now gone from a health necessity to fashion trend status.

tiannahs place empire Toyin Lawani face mask coronavirus Nigeria 2020

Toyin Lawani

We’ve been well informed about the importance of face masks in this season and however we can get people to wear it consistently is a welcomed idea. I mean, why not create a trend around face masks and make more people accept it as a necessary accessory?

If we’re going to stay home, create Instagram posts and watch everything that has a movie tag on it, we totally deserve to feel fashionable whenever we do step out for necessities. That’s where fashionable face masks come into play.

Many brands are making fashion face masks either for sale or as giveaways to healthcare workers, others on the frontline and the general public. For me, this form of empathy and team spirit goes to prove that there’s still hope for humanity.

If you’re feeling some type of way for even considering adding color to something so crucial, this should bring some relief: Brands like Fendi and Nigeria’s Tiannah Styling, as well as celebrities like Billie Eilish and Nigerian stylist, Swanky Jerry, have made appearances with face masks as statement pieces. It’s a case of creativity meets functionality or art imitating life.



We have all found a way to make this tough period tolerable, whether it’s through sharing silly TikTok videos, makeup tutorials or playing dress up to head right to our living room.

Are you sold on the fashion face mask trend yet?

swanky jerry real name Jeremiah ogbodo face mask coronavirus Nigeria 2020

Swanky Jerry

The statement face mask is a start in the right direction. While most homes do not readily possess a sewing machine to easily whip up their favorite print face mask, many companies are taking the initiative to produce these at affordable rates.



Also, this is a way to help small businesses stay afloat by patronizing their timely and efficient products. Fashion face mask

As with many changes we have had to take up this season, like abandoning the age-long way of salutation, the good ol’ handshake, we all are left with a defenceless sense of judgement to adopt trends that are likely to aid our survival and that of others during this coronavirus outbreak.



Photo Credit: Instagram|As Captioned / Cover Image: Voir Fashion