Fascinating Earring New Jewelry Trends Expected To Shape The New Year

An amazing pair of earrings, a statement necklace, or a stunning bracelet are all potential game changers and one of the easiest ways to elevate any outfit. They’re also a fantastic way to express your own unique style and personality, and with a number of exciting new jewelry trends expected to shape the new year, it’s the ideal excuse to go shopping. These adaptable pieces, which were influenced by the spring/summer 2023 fashion week shows from London, New York, Paris, and Milan, are some of the essential items to spend on for the new year, regardless of the occasion.

Shoulder Duster Earrings

Shoulder duster earrings were major news at the new-season catwalk shows, and they are undoubtedly going to be the single largest jewelry trend of the new year. A word coined during the Art Deco era to describe three-inch-long pendant earrings that were tiny and almost skimmed the shoulder, they initially had a distinctive form and design that resembled a feather duster. Nowadays, a feather duster isn’t something you’ll want to imitate with your earrings, but the good news is that the most recent renditions are extremely different, and the phrase now refers to any long, drop-style earring. Diamonds and fringe decorated some of the most stunning models seen on the catwalks, making them the great statement piece to add a little ‘wow factor’ to your spring ensemble.

Hoop Earrings

large hoop earrings

The hoop earring is one of those pieces that never truly goes out of style, and while their size and metal of choice may change, they are dependably a staple on every new season runway. This year’s hoop earrings are a little more abstract, and instead of the typical round form, we’re seeing silver square and rectangular options. Is the traditional gold hoop on its way out? Thankfully, not, and Fashion Weeks throughout the world saw the comeback of the huge hoop, as well as a continued love of the smaller ‘huggie hoop’ form that has been fashionable recently. So, whatever your taste and style, there’s a hoop earring for you – now and in the future.

Jumbo Pearl Earrings

pearl earrings

This trend is one that combines well with the shoulder duster trend, and we’ve been seeing some breath-takingly beautiful pearl drop earrings. Image credit: New Africa/Bigstock.com

Pearl jewelry has always been easily stylish and eternally classy – and our love affair with this precious stone is certain to continue in 2023. Typically, they’ve been given a new-season makeover, and this time it’s a case of ‘the larger, the better,’ with the gigantic pearl making a comeback in our jewelry boxes and characterizing some of the most notable new-season must-haves. Chunky pearl necklaces are the ultimate statement piece, but we’ll be obsessing with earrings in the new year. This style pairs wonderfully with the shoulder duster trend, and we’ve seen some breath-takingly magnificent pearl drop earrings gracing the catwalks that are almost likely poised to be one of the season’s most wanted jewelry options.

Seashell Earrings

seashell earrings

Seashell motifs were one of the standout looks when it came to jewellery in London, Paris and New York. Image credit: Gal2007/Bigstock.com

As we look forward to longer, brighter days and warmer weather, it’s difficult not to fantasize about opulent summer vacations and sun-soaked days on the beach, and one of the hottest new season trends hints to just that. Seashell themes were a standout look in London, Paris, and New York, with gold-plated and genuine shells both popular – and earrings, in particular, were given a seaside-themed makeover. Choose from small studs, huge statement earrings, or drops to nail the style and inject some laid-back, off-duty cool into any ensemble.