Fall Nail Designs That Are Totally On Trend

With the changing colors of the leaves for fall, our nails deserve a seasonal change in polish. With fall already here, why not say farewell to the bright nail polishes of the summer season and begin to embrace more autumnal hues? Now, the season frequently calls for muted tones, which bright and sparkly girls despise, but the new nail designs we’re seeing this fall will definitely leave you pleasantly surprised.

Fall nails for 2022 are cleverly combining art and spark to good results, refusing to let the summer pump fade. While the season’s standard hues — reminiscent of fall foliage such as deep or muted reds, oranges, and browns — remain front and center, nail artists have discovered exciting ways to keep the tempo high. Touches of gold and embellishments, for example, are expected to appear on many nails this season. In addition, crafty characters and fall-toned petals are used to signal the start of the cooler weather.

In terms of colors, there are so many ways to rock fall colors on your nails that the only limit is your own creativity. With Instagram‘s nail streets literally flooded with interesting options, expect to see more of this in the coming months before winter sets in.

Here Are Some Fall Nail Art Ideas To Get You Started On Your Next Manicure

Shimmer In Gold

Nobody ever said, “I don’t like sparkles!” For a luxe look this season, shimmer in gold with your favorite nail polish. Whether you prefer large chunks of glitter, finely shredded glitter, or a combination of the two, the season is ready for you to shine!

Prints & Textures

This autumn design is a great way to express your personality and mood in a witty and stylish manner. You can express your creativity by using traditional fall colors or by incorporating unexpected colors such as purple and withered rose. Nobody could have predicted that.

Halloween Ready

Want to go all out this Halloween? You, of course, do! Make a statement with Halloween-inspired nails that express the season in multiple ways. Everyone would know you’re so into this celebration that no one could fool you.


Consider the free leaves gliding down the trees, dancing from side to side. This picture-perfect scenario can be found somewhere other than in nature: on your nails. Paint on your favorite foliage and accent it with burnt orange or any other fall color. These are definitely fall nail designs worth admiring.

Solid Dips

Solid-colored nails are as timeless as they are beautiful, and if you prefer more classic pieces, this is definitely a route you should take this season. Choose red tones to emphasize the timeless vibe, and solid magnetic options for an unexpected shimmer.


If you’re looking for a fall nail design that will have everyone in an ethereal state of nail appreciation, this is the one to try. Whether it’s with crystals or nail adornments, embellished nails always look good.