Fall In Love With LMBO’s Newest Single “Still Love U”

LMBO is turning heads and for good reason. The music put on display by the quickly emerging duo will stir quite the impression on any listener. Preparing to embark on one of their biggest projects to date, “Still Love U” is the perfect preview of what to expect. Serving as the first single off of their upcoming Ennui EP, the record delivers a subtle yet impactful listen. Its intimate atmosphere does all the talking as listeners are able to fully lose themselves in the soundscapes provided by LMBO. Listen to “Still Low U” below.

“Still Love U” is the first track off our upcoming EP Ennui. To us, “Still Love You” serves as an introduction to the vibe of the EP – it blends together some of the most important melodies from the rest of the tracks. Each song kind of represents something we were feeling in being overwhelmed by all of these new challenges and emotions in post-college life.

LMBO – Still Love U