Facebook, Twitter, & Amazon Cancel SXSW Plans Over Coronavirus

As the world continues to react to coronavirus and try to remain ahead of a full-blown outbreak, three major companies are pulling out of the annual South By Southwest conference in Austin later this month. Facebook, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Amazon Studios have both pulled out.

Dorsey was scheduled to “headline” the conference with a keynote speech, but announced this past Sunday it was halting all “non-critical business travel and events.”

“Our goal is to reduce the risk that anyone at Twitter might contract or inadvertently spread the virus,” the company wrote. “It is important that we take these proactive steps to protect ourselves and others and minimize the spread of COVID-19. ”

Yesterday, both Facebook and Amazon Studios announced the same. Writes Variety concerning Amazon, “The two screenings and panels planned for ‘Tales of the Loop’ and ‘Upload,’ in addition to a consumer marketing activation, have been canceled amid concerns over the spread of coronavirus.”

“Due to concerns related to coronavirus, our company and employees will not be participating in SXSW this year,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNN Business.

SXSW itself is proceeding as planning, the organization’s official Twitter account said Monday, adding that it is “working closely on a daily basis with local, state and federal agencies to plan for a safe event.”

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images