Facebook Is Finally Launching Its TikTok Competitor

Facebook is officially taking on TikTok with a new app called Collab. Modeled after the viral app TikTok and its predecessor Vine, Collab is currently only available on iOS as it is being tested out to limited groups of the public. You can sign up to get access to Collab right here.

Facebook previously attempted an app in this segment in 2018 with Lasso. Lasso, however, never saw public release and certainly was never launched to the general public.

More details of the app and its uses, are as described: “Once you’ve created a collab, you can publish it for others to watch and mix and match further. You can also share yours or others’ creations to Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other platform, with just a few taps.”

We’ll see how this rolls out and if it can make even a dent in the continued rapid success that TikTok has seen.