Facebook Is Adding A Tab Specifically For Music Videos On Artists’ Pages

Years ago, there was a shift on Facebook from prioritizing text and photo posts to prioritizing video posts. Of course text and photo posts still have their time and place and still do well, but the algorithm unequivocally favors videos.

Now, Facebook is adding a full music video library to artists’ pages beginning in August. Artist page admins received the notification this afternoon, stating, “Your official music video library will be added to the Videos tab on your Page starting in August, 2020.”

As with any new innovation in social media, the feature is likely to be pushed immensely when it’s launched, so it would behoove any artist to capitalize on the feature as soon as possible. With the information available, it seems that the videos will simply be available under a new directory — nothing is really changing with music videos on Facebook, but it will now be easier to find that specific content on an artist’s page. Not revolutionary by any means, but still pretty cool.

Stay tuned for the launch next month.