Face Mask Chains Is The New Trend

It is with good reason that face masks, which have become a daily must-have safety wear has bowing to it for our own life preservation. Right now, the stylish twist to face masks is shutting down Instagram. of course, not literally. If you’re still wondering what this new face mask trend is then maybe you should refresh your feed or you’re simply following the wrong style influencers. 

Who would have thought that 2020 would come with a new relatable struggle? Remember all the times you had to push your face mask strap back in place as it threatens to reduce your glam? Yes, that’s the struggle I’m referring to.

How does a face mask chain work?

This safety gear doubles as a piece of jewelry and a face mask holder. You can place the chain behind your next or let it fall right under your chin for that extra cool vibe. When the mask is not in use, you can place the hanging chain on your neck, allowing the mask to hang over your chest when you need to take it off.

Maybe face mask chains would get you excited enough to stop leaving your house with them. There are so many options out there right now and you should be able to find one that suits your personal style whether it’s an elaborate gold chain or a fragile string of pearls. You can simply attach an existing long necklace to your mask or get creating and make a new one. This trend is the perfect DIY that allows you to put to use all the long necklaces you never get to wear.

Want to learn how to make your own face mask? Watch

This trend has a lot to offer and as long as COVID-19 remains our reality then we are so embracing this style revolution that keeps us safe. Slay we must, right?

Check out these 5 stylish face mask chains…

Wear it all

Fashion accessories


Sometimes in fashion and in everything else, the more the merrier. Rock your hats, shades and stylish face masks. We can’t be too careful or too stylish.

Pearl face mask chains

Face mask fashion


Peep how these pearl accessories elevates your everyday medical masks? That’s what I’m talking about.

Metallic chains

Fashion accessories


Go uber-stylish with these marble chains. Casual chic just took a new route. I bet you won’t leave home without these.

Chains of many colors



These face mask chains are creative and colorful. Be careful in these delicate chains to avoid them getting hooked to something else and splattering all over, bringing your slay to a premature end.

Matching loops



Where’s the thoughtfulness without some matchy-matchy vibe? Rock face mask chains that are the same color with your outfit or accessories and watch the world give you your rightful place as a slay queen.

Photo Credit: Instagram|stylerave