Explosive Hybrid Bass Single “Alien Technology” Unleashed by RANKZ via Naeleck’s Dancing Dead

In a mesmerizing fusion of experimental sensibilities and an enthralling bassline, RANKZ delivers his latest masterpiece, “Alien Technology.” The budding prodigy, who embarked on his musical journey in 2021, continues to leave a resounding impact following the success of his recent BURN EP. With “Alien Technology” gracing the airwaves through the prestigious Naeleck’s Dancing Dead label, this three-minute single stands as an impeccable successor to his previous work. The track is a captivating blend of mind-altering sound design and powerful drum arrangements, showcasing the multifaceted brilliance of RANKZ’s bass music style.

RANKZ: A Meteoric Ascent

The trajectory of RANKZ’s career since his debut has been nothing short of explosive. He fearlessly pushes the boundaries of palatable experimental bass music, captivating the hearts of fans and industry tastemakers alike. The music industry has taken notice, and RANKZ has garnered recognition from renowned labels like Bassrush Records and Jauz’s Bite This. Additionally, he has shared the stage with pioneering bass music artists such as Ghastly, Subtronics, PhaseOne, Feed Me, Level Up, Tvboo, and others, solidifying his position as a rising star in the bass music scene.

Alien Technology: A Glimpse into RANKZ’s Genius

“Alien Technology” is a masterclass in innovative music production. RANKZ’s ability to blend experimental elements seamlessly with irresistible basslines sets this track apart. The meticulous attention to detail in the sound design, combined with the thunderous drums, creates an otherworldly listening experience that leaves the audience in awe.

Dancing Dead: The Perfect Platform

Releasing “Alien Technology” through Naeleck’s Dancing Dead imprint was a strategic move that further cements RANKZ’s place in the industry. The label’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music aligns perfectly with RANKZ’s vision, providing the ideal platform for his groundbreaking creations.

The Future: What Lies Ahead

The journey has just begun for RANKZ, and his potential knows no bounds. With a multitude of exciting singles set to grace the airwaves throughout the rest of 2023, fans and music enthusiasts can expect nothing short of greatness from this talented artist.


In conclusion, RANKZ’s “Alien Technology” is a testament to his ingenuity as a producer and artist. Combining experimental elements with a bass-heavy foundation, the track is a thrilling journey into the world of hybrid bass music. As RANKZ continues to redefine the genre and captivate audiences worldwide, it is evident that his influence on the electronic music landscape will only grow stronger with time. Keep an eye on this rising star as he soars to new heights, leaving a trail of mesmerized listeners in his wake.