Explore the amazing cafe culture of Bangkok

Bangkok offers an amazing choice of cafes – for cakes, coffee and tea! Cafes in Bangkok take coffee very seriously, and with décor at par with the best in European capitals, the cafes offer an amazing range of snacks and beverages too! Right from 7.30 am, the cafes offer a range of coffees with either croissants or sweet palmiers, to begin with and later add on snacks and mini meals to cater to the quick lunch crowds and for the tourists to take a leisurely break during late afternoon and early evenings.

Divana Signature Café

Divana in the Central World Mall offers a delightful high tea with a selection of sweet treats

If you want to have high tea in absolute style, head to the Central World Mall. The charming café is easy to find, and when you order the high tea be ready to feel like royalty. It’s not only the items that are served that are heavenly but the serving dishes are absolutely delightful.

Seven different cakes including macaroons, rich plum cake, jelly are served in one large platter, while another platter has some more goodies. While the tea is unlimited in a fancy porcelain tea pot, the winner is the mango with sticky rice! A must have when in Bangkok.


Right from espressos to perk you up to cold brew, Roots has it all. The cold brew’s method of brewing doesn’t involve any form of heat to make the coffee. Originated in Japan in the 1960s, this slightly unconventional method started gaining traction in recent years. The best part about this coffee is that it retains the flavour intensity as it doesn’t get tampered by heat. It’s also super refreshing and can be kept in the fridge to drink for at least 1-2 weeks.

Roots has a special blend from three of their coffee farmer friends: Aten, Nawin and P’ Sri. The coffee is roasted in a way that it can be enjoyed both as an espresso and a filter. For espresso fans, it is a syrupy coffee with a note of pineapple jam. For those who like filter coffee, it offers the comforting flavours of toffee and black cherries.

Gallery Drip Café

Gallery Drip Cafe sources coffee from around the world and features a fun decor

This café has a strategic location at the Bangkok Art and Culture Gallery. It sources hand ground beans from all parts of Thailand and the world – from Chiang Rai in Thailand to Kenya to Honduras and more. A popular place to hang out, it has a honeycombed wooden ceiling that resembles upturned cups, while the walls have sketches and the most interesting is the counter, where you can watch the dedicated staff making coffee and serving it in style.

A range of desserts and cakes are displayed – tempting enough to order to accompany your coffee. Beans are sourced from Lee Ayu Chuepa, of the Akha hill tribe community in Chiang Rai, and then roasted in Bangkok.

ViVi The Coffee Place

If you want to soak in the sunset, then head to this small but fantastic café overlooking the river Chao Phrya. If you want the best viewing point, head there late afternoon and go out to the terrace. With the fantastic coffee, you get a stunning view of the Wat Arun during sunset while the waters of the Chao Phraya river keep changing colours reflecting the sky. A must have is the Thai tea cake along with your coffee. Rich creamy cake that’s not too sweet, it’s a pure indulgence.

Floral Café

The Floral Cafe has an eclectic and kitsch decor serving as an interesting backdrop to your meal

Absolutely charming, this cafe has a florist on the ground floor. The first and second floor café, is done up with kitschy décor – dried leaves on the ceiling, fresh flowers, chandeliers and hanging lights offering a totally exotic tropical feel. A table for two overlooks the old flower market area, while tables for four and six are spaced out well. Not only are the coffees a hit, but try the salads or the apple crumble cake or the mango shake. Portions are fairly large, so order one item at a time.