Explore Maison Ware’s Insidious ‘Mind’ EP via mau5trap

An anonymous producer of no name, Maison Ware is all of us at once. Deviant and working against the grain, Maison Ware debuts his sinful Mind EP on the deadmau5-run mau5trap label. The two-track EP is out now, and serves as a haunting exhibition of impressive midtempo mastery. Wreaking havoc amongst listeners, Maison Ware catapults eager ears into a world of darkness.

Maison Ware made his mau5trap debut on we are friends vol. 009 with “Shibuya,” a technical feat fueled by his various Japanese influences. Back now for his Mind EP, Maison Ware’s deviant sound still sees the authority of Tokyo’s towering lights and dark back alleyways of the Shibuya district. Listen to Mind below, and stream it here.