Experience the Heat: KYGO & HAYLA’s Sultry Dance Track, ‘WITHOUT YOU’

Kygo and Hayla pour their souls into “Without You,” one of the year’s biggest dance music collaborations. This ecstatic ode to romance’s spellbinding power combines tortured lyricism with sleek, smoldering dance grooves. The summer anthem arrives ahead of Kygo’s new self-titled album and world tour, where Hayla will perform in major cities around the globe.

With lines like “Our soul is a fire and your kisses feed the flames,” Hayla’s evocative lyricism doesn’t just bleed—it hemorrhages. Her visceral imagery transitions into spiritual yet earthy metaphors, comparing a magnetic attraction to the moon’s gravitational pull: “Just like the moon that pulls away,” she sings, “I’m only moved by your embrace.”

This celestial devotion crescendos in the track’s sublime drop, where Kygo’s euphoric production meets Hayla’s vocals in a powerful plunge into infatuation. “Without You” is set to have countless festival-goers swaying under the moonlight, longing for that connection that completes their world—and wondering if they’re just a stage away.