Experience The Best Fusion Trance of Dynamic Electronica-Infused Rock Motifs in Gotta Light’s Soundscape

Upcoming rock and electronica duo Gotta light’s eccentric soundscape transcends the harmonies and dynamics of experimental instrumentation in a contemporary light.

Gotta Light

Music duet act Gotta Light comprising of the transgressive creative bliss of Alessio Scotto and Andrea Dulicchio is reframing the standards of electronic-infused rock in its most promising versions. They have weaved a musical motif comprising of the various characteristic peculiarities of rock, disco, electronica, and instrumental in a resonating scope of integrated expression. The creative collaboration and friendship of Nero Silverman and Mr. Doyoulike, as they like to attribute themselves on stage has led to a fascinating movement of sound and resonance that pleasantly and profusely brim of progressive latitudes.

Based out of Barcelona, Gotta Light’s musical impetus and influences came from the sounds of Daft Punk, The Shadows, Metallica, and Jimmy Hendrix among others as they imbibed the transformative take on electronic and rock music in one line of expression. Their tracks, ‘Frisco Disco’ and ‘Oops left the keys out there!’ contradict in their musical stimuli but the result is a blissful concoction of an electronically-charged rock instrumental ensemble.

Their soundscape is a confluence of various influences that form an aberrant symbiosis of unexpectedly curated sound motifs and patterns cascading cross the stream of auditory musical visualization. Follow Gotta Light on YouTube and Facebook and stay tuned for more musical fervor.