Experience Porter Robinson’s Haunting New Track: “Russian Roulette”

Porter Robinson bares his soul in “Russian Roulette,” the latest single from his highly anticipated third album, SMILE!, set to release on July 26th via Mom+Pop.

Robinson’s evolution into alt-pop continues to captivate as he releases more tracks leading up to the album. “Russian Roulette” stands out as one of his best works, featuring lyrics that delve deep into the struggles of being a modern artist. The song uses the metaphor of a deadly game to express Robinson’s battle with authenticity and the pressure to commodify his personal experiences.

Despite its dark lyrics, the track’s soundscape is bright and bubbly, with hyperpop synths that create a stark contrast. There is a poignant callback to Robinson’s 2014 hit “Sad Machine,” adding layers to the song’s emotional impact. The climax of “Russian Roulette” is a powerful revelation as Robinson, who has been open about his battles with depression, expresses his desire to cherish life’s simple pleasures, from family moments to small personal joys.

Listen to “Russian Roulette” below and stream the new single on all major platforms. Fans can also purchase tickets for Robinson’s first-ever world tour, starting in late August 2024.