Experience Mesmerizing Deep-House Grooves in BINGEWATCH’s Latest EP: ‘This Is House Music’

BINGEWATCH, the mastermind behind Blind Tiger imprint, continues to amaze us with his exceptional music-making skills. After the success of his previous single “LA TO NY,” he’s back with a new EP, ‘This Is House Music,’ released via Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION label.

One fascinating fact about this EP is that BINGEWATCH produced it using his brand-new analog studio set up. As a renowned analog aficionado, his expertise in hardware is second to none. The EP’s title track is a stunning masterpiece, inspired by an elegant and sensual spoken-word vocal that draws listeners into an immersive deep-house groove. It features classic chords and a bass-line that set the mood perfectly.

“STAY” is another track from the EP, created with a more minimalist approach. This track highlights the traditional M1 organ pluck paired with melodious vocals, showcasing a smoother and irresistible side of BINGEWATCH’s music. “DANCE WITH ME NOW,” on the other hand, boasts a bouncing bass line and nostalgic 90s rave vibes. It’s a seductive track that’s perfect for any dancefloor during sunset.

If you’re a fan of deep-house music, you must check out BINGEWATCH’s latest EP, ‘This Is House Music.’ It’s a unique creation that showcases his exceptional skills in producing mesmerizing grooves. With his analog studio set up and expertise in hardware, BINGEWATCH has yet again produced an EP that’s sure to impress. Listen to it now and get lost in the music!