Experience Coachella from Anywhere: Livestream All Six Stages from Both Weekends

For years, Coachella has been sharing some of its performances live on YouTube as their streaming partner. But this year, the festival is taking things up a notch by live streaming all six stages from both weekends, making it the first time in the history of the festival. This means that fans from around the world can tune in to Coachella’s YouTube Channel and watch their favorite performers on any of the six stages.

Back-to-Back Livestream Weekends with More Stages

Coachella is expanding its live streaming coverage to more stages than ever before. With double the amount of feeds from last year, there will be six feeds in action across both weekends. Whether you’re watching from home, abroad, or at a party with friends, anyone can tune in and watch the performances happening live with the rest of the fans. Moreover, if you miss a performance, you can always catch up as the festival sets will be on repeat after the night’s final performance until the live show picks back up at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET the next day.

Photo courtesy of Coachella