Excision & Illenium At Last Drop New Collaboration “Feel Something” with I Prevail

It has been 187 days since I first heard Excision and Illenium close out Lost Lands 2019 with this epic collaboration. Standing center pit with phone in hand ready to capture the epic collab for the first time, I remember the heat of the pyro and the luminescence of the lights, the intensity of the energy around me and the excitement of the final salvo of fireworks off the main stage. Today, “Feel Something” with I Prevail is finally out and hearing it takes me right back to that moment.

True to both Excision’s and Illenium’s styles, “Feel Something” is beautifully deep and melodic while also diving into the heavier side of bass music. Hearing the final version on streaming, the second drop definitely lacks that initial live impact that I felt (but you can be assured it kills live), but everything else sounds just as I remember it. Compared to the two’s previous collaboration, “Gold,” this definitely has a more rock feel to it thanks to I Prevail, especially in the final drop.

Listen to “Feel Something” from Excision & Illenium with I Prevail below!

Photo via Fadewood Live for Lost Lands