Every Bonus Track From Avicii’s “True” Album Now Available On Spotify

It’s been a big Avicii month, with his birthday and the anniversary of his debut album both coming in the last two weeks. Now, fans will have even more to celebrate as, for the first time, the bonus tracks on True are available to stream on Spotify for the first time. True originally released with 10 tracks, ending with “Heart Upon My Sleeve,” but five bonus tracks were released: “Always On The Run” was a Europe Amazon bonus track, “Long Road to Hell” and “Edom” were iTunes/UK CD bonus tracks, though “Canyons” and “All You Need Is Love” were released as Spotify bonus tracks. The Japanese edition included all but “Edom,” and also included a “Levels” radio edit.

Now, for the first time, all of the bonus tracks are all available on Spotify. For many, apart from diehard Avicii fans, it will be their first time listening to these tracks and that’s plenty cause for celebration. Interestingly, all of the bonus tracks appear in the tracklisting in ascending order of track length. It’s not an important detail nor does it change anything about the release, but it’s interesting.

Check out the bonus tracks below!

Photo via Rukes.com