Essential items for an adventure holiday

Let’s face it, we’re all in need of a luxury break in 2021, and after a year of cancellations and all-round disappointment, there’s no better time to start planning that trip of a lifetime and make up for lost time by going all out.

While ongoing travel restrictions due to COVID-19 mean that travel possibilities for the new year are looking uncertain, from summer onwards, we think the year holds some great promise, so it’s time to start scanning those first class flights and perusing those five-star hotels and give yourself something truly special to look forward to.

Of course, if you’re one step ahead of us in the travel stakes and already have that dream adventure break booked, then the chances are that you’re already starting to consider the dilemma of what to pack, and for no holiday type is it more important to get it right than when you’re heading off on one of the most exciting trips of your life.

The issue of how to pack in the limited time and space is one that often throws off luxury travellers, particularly if you’re used to lugging five enormous suitcases with you and are less than enthralled with the idea of travelling light.

But worry not, because we’ve narrowed your essential baggage inclusions down to seven of the most important – and you certainly won’t want to head off without any of these.

If you’re planning a big trip filled with adventure then make sure you pack the essential items

Pocket camera

With every adventure holiday comes the chance to capture some truly out-of-this-world action shots, and with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments like these, you’ll want to ensure that your camera equipment is up to the job.

While a professional DSLR camera certainly offers some of the best quality shots, its large and fairly bulky body means that it’s not necessarily the best pick for a safari, white-water rafting adventure or anything else of the sort. Add to that the fact that DSLRs and water definitely don’t mix, and there are plenty of reasons to consider an alternative.

A smaller pocket camera or a mirrorless, which is a great and much more lightweight alternative to a DSLR, will fit easily into your backpack without taking up too much space. Just don’t forget your charger and a spare memory card or three.

Adaptor plugs

One of the most important items to ensure you pack in your suitcase is a selection of adaptor plugs. According to the experts at Authentic Pick, it is also one of the most forgotten, but considering that you’ll need them for everything from your camera and smartphone to your laptop and hair tools, they are pretty essential to ensuring you have the best possible time.

Be sure to do your research to find out which type is required for your country of choice as if there is one thing worse than forgetting them all together, it’s packing the wrong kind.

All-weather clothes, comfortable shoes and all the essential tech items will be very useful for your trip

All-weather clothes

If you’re heading off on a hiking adventure or travelling between multiple destinations, packing some high-quality all-weather clothing (designer, of course!) is essential. There is nothing worse than being caught short by an unexpected downpour, or finding yourself sweltering in unseasonably warm heat, so packing for all eventualities is the sensible way to go and will ensure you enjoy the utmost of comfort throughout.

Other vital items in the clothing department include plenty of extra underwear, a waterproof jacket and, if you’ll be stopping off at the seaside for some snorkelling or planning to scale one of the local waterfalls, some water shoes, too. Consider the potential elements you might face and pack accordingly, and go for layers rather than bulkier items to provide the greatest versatility.

Wireless headphones

A journey without music or, indeed, your favourite podcast is, in many ways, no journey at all. Perhaps a little dramatic, but if you’ll be facing long days of travel or could have a loud passenger sitting near you on the plane – because yes, this even happens in first class – then you’ll be grateful you packed these.

Planning on finishing your adventure with a few relaxing days on the beach? Your favourite playlist will make for the perfect soundtrack. And, if you opt for a wireless Bluetooth variety then you won’t have to deal with any annoying tangles in the wires, because frankly, who needs that while on holiday?

Phone chargers

Already late for your flight and your phone doesn’t have a full battery? Stay calm and keep your mobile phone charger in your handbag to access it easily.

Consider sustainable travel, from the hotel you choose to stay in to the items you take and use while you’re away

Moreover, you can also keep an extra wire with you instead of putting the entire adapter and charger in. Leads or extensions can be carried easily because they are portable. Hence, you may get the mobile lead, SIM card from any nearby shop or market, so stay light and pack your essentials.

Comfortable shoes

If you’re going to be dealing with some rough terrain then treat your feet to a little luxury with the highest-quality pair of comfortable shoes that money can buy, and you’re guaranteed to get a whole lot more enjoyment out of your trip. There are few things worse than finding yourself with painful blisters at the end of day one, and while it might be tempting to go for style over comfort, the good news is that you can have both.

A pair of Nike trail shoes, such as the Wildhorse model for men and the Juniper, for women, are great durable choices for hiking or safari trips, and they look the part, too.

Reusable water bottle

Ethical and sustainable travel are important, and if you’re travelling to one of the world’s greatest beauty spots then you should be aiming to leave nothing behind you but your footprints. As well as choosing hotels that take their sustainability credentials very seriously and seeking to book your flights through companies which offer carbon offsetting programmes, you should take note of the smaller things, such as your consumption of single-use plastics. A reusable, stainless steel water bottle can be filled up at your hotel each day before you head out, and will take a weight off your conscience, too.

With these essential items, you’ll be fully equipped for the luxury adventure holiday of a lifetime and while comfort should be a top priority, with the right picks you can continue to look and feel your best, too.