ero808 Unveils Captivating EP “A NECESSARY EVIL”

Renowned for his creative ingenuity, ero808 makes a powerful comeback with his latest EP, “A NECESSARY EVIL.” This exceptional project marks a significant milestone in ero808’s artistic journey as he delves into the realms of dark, dance-infused, and psychotically romantic elements.

After the tremendous success of his single “HYPNOSIS,” which has garnered over 20 million streams, ero808 continues to explore fresh ideas and inspirations with an audacious and fearless approach. The EP’s lead single, “MERCEDES,” takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through euphoric retro sounds, skillfully blended with pulsating baselines and ero808’s distinctive vocal style. The production credits for this captivating track go to the esteemed artist Rome In Silver. Each song in the EP showcases ero808’s evolution in a unique and captivating manner, from playful vocal samples to compelling garage house beats.

Discover ero808’s mesmerizing EP “A NECESSARY EVIL” by listening below or click here to experience this extraordinary musical voyage.

Featured Image Credit: (@amadeusdeus)