Erich Mrak’s New Single ‘Riptide’ Teasing His Upcoming EP Yet Again but We Don’t Mind

Normally with this many single teasers leading up to an EP drop would commence fans and critics alike to toe-tapping and whinging about “when” but when it comes to Erich Mrak and his beautiful and heartfelt creations, we at Your EDM have determined he can do whatever he wants. There’s so much to unpack in each single that honestly audiences need time to digest them, and with each track being just as god as or better than the last, there’s really no hurry.


Mrak’s newest single “Riptide” is yet another highly personal, exquisitely crafted track in the long line of singles he’s put out this year ahead of the EP. Probably the shortest track he’s released in this series so far, “Riptide” packs a lyrical and melodic punch that only Mrak can deliver.

“Riptide” describes a failed or, as many listeners will come to see it, doomed relationship where Mrak describes trying to make a relationship work against all the emotional and even possible mental illness issues of the other person was like “trying to swim against your riptide” and the relationship was “sinking from the inside” and he finally concludes he has to “learn to live and let die.” If you’re not already crying from that description you might not be human.

Once again, Mrak uses his words to make his tracks almost devastatingly relatable in “Riptide” and the music is there to drive the point home. With flowing, organ-inspired ambient melodies, the beat for this track is slow and subtle but it still has a trap-tinged snare and beat structure which goes well with Mrak’s vocals. Another song that pulls at the heart strings while being technically on point.

While it seems there will be one more single release before Erich Mrak is finished teasing us, he’s more than proven it will be worth the wait. His ability to connect in his music and turn pain and human turmoil into something almost more real than the reality of said turmoil cannot be understated. Mrak’s music has the ability to help those who feel alone or hopeless in this struggle we call life, not by trying to fix it or even move on from but but by sitting next to it and waiting for it to reveal its purpose. Sometimes that’s the best therapy for anyone; that and music, of course.

“Riptide” is out now and can be streamed on Erich Mrak’s Spotify. Be sure to check out all the other tracks there as well. Together they make a great playlist, even before the release of the EP.

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