Eric Prydz’s “FUCK (Y)OU” Shirt Worn At Coachella Explained

eric prydz

Coachella is one of the only music festivals where fashion is almost just as important as the performances — and Eric Prydz chose an interesting attire for Coachella weekend 2. He hit the Yuma tent as Cirez D, rocking a shirt with bold lettering “FUCK (Y)OU,” with the “Y” representing his Pryda logo.


While there’s been some speculation he was sending a message or making a statement, we highly doubt this. Years ago, the “FUCK (Y)OU” design was actually once sold as official merchandise (link broken), so why wouldn’t he wear it? Nonetheless, the shirt has caused a bit of a stir on social media. We believe people are looking too far into this.

A tweet from the man himself further reassures that he had no beef with any part of the festival nor the experience… Just like the majority of artists and attendees, he had a great time.

Thank you @coachella !! These 2 weekends have been amazing. ❤️

— Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) April 22, 2019

While you’re here, you might as well watch the full Cirez D live set from Coachella weekend 2. His show was absolutely amazing, per usual. That should be the real focus of every festival performance.

Cirez D – Coachella 2019 Weekend 2

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