Eric Prydz Rounds Out PRYDA 15 Series with Hypnotic 13-Track Album [LISTEN]

PRYDA 15 VOL III has arrived, rounding out the 3-part series in epic fashion. Previously released in 2019, the first volume housed six productions, followed by the second volume with eight — but Eric Prydz isn’t holding back. The third installment boast 13 brand new songs from the legend’s famed alter ego. The overall feel of PRYDA 15 VOL III is dancey and happy, but hypnotic in every sense. It’s a real celebration and Pryda drives that vibe into the deep end. Theatrical builds and glimmering melodies rule this collection of music laced with a mysterious, underlying energy. With this, some fan-favorite IDs join the party — “Exchange Finale,” “Bus 605,” and “Terminal 5.” Nothing celebrates 15 years of Pryda better than new music! Listen here!


Photo via Tomorrowland