Eptic The End of the World (Album)

Eptic has been a producer’s producer for as long as we’ve been listening to him, from his early days on Never Say Die to his Monstercat hits and collaborations with DJ Snake and Marshmello. He constantly adds a unique twist to his creations. Fans have been asking for an Eptic album for a long time after hearing what he can achieve with his multiple EPs such as Flesh & Blood, Immortal, The End, or Doom, much like Space Laces who finally released his High Vaultage EP this year. Eptic is at his purest on this album, which features collaborations with Dillon Francis, MARAUDA, MUST DIE!, and HOL!.

There’s a good case to be made that many of the partnerships eclipse the solo efforts, as some have suggested on social media. The fact is that partnerships provide a break in the tempo that allows them to stand out. The album’s structure — three solo songs, two collaborations, three solo tracks again, and two final collaborations — gives symmetry and distinct aspects of the project. It’s a wonderful approach to create a playlist. And, despite the fact that many people believe that the collaborations outnumber the solo productions, we get some classic Eptic trap and bass house in tracks like “Run It,” “Drum Beats,” and “Ultimate Flex,” replete with his characteristic sound tags.

Having said that, “Wall Of Death” with MARAUDA (the album’s lone hit) and “Skill Check” with MUST DIE! are both incredible bangers in their own right. The complete album is available now on Eptic’s own Overlord Music.

Photo by Travis Ferkitch