Eptic Return With Massive Single ‘Stop Pretending’

Saying 2020 was an eventful year is quite honestly a massive understatement. Some artists took the year to hone their craft and perfect their vision, and that seems the case with Belgium-based producer Eptic. Over the years Eptic has become a household name within the bass music scene with his forward-thinking approach to dubstep. Pulling influences from metal to hip-hop all while engaging the listener in some of the most foreign-sounding sound design, we never know what to expect from an Epic release. It seems as if the seasoned veteran is finally ready to share new music with the world and we couldn’t be more excited.

‘Stop Pretending’ is quite the reintroduction to Eptic’s classic sound, to say the least. With an ear-grasping intro filled with theatrical overtones combined with the appearance of these hypnotic vocals. Before long we’re thrown into a hectic drop section filled with heavily distorted leads incorporating catchy vocal samples in the break that add energy to the track throughout. As to be expected, there is no shortage of heavily distorted leads that hopefully we’ll get to hear crush some festival sound systems soon. Stay tuned for updates on new releases!