Eptic Gets Honest About Going from Almost No Bookings To Immense Success

Every artist you see headlining a festival or selling out a local venue had the same start as everyone else: some person in a bedroom fiddling with Ableton, FL Studio, or whatever else. From there, they probably also were an opening DJ and played for rooms with less than 100 people. See them now playing for thousands and selling out headline tours. That includes Eptic, who yesterday got honest about nearly quitting his project last year after he became depressed, “playing pretty much no festivals.” To the casual observer, this might seem absurd, knowing just how incredible Eptic is, but a lot goes on behind the scenes and beneath the surface that the casual fan isn’t privy to.

Still, he kept with it and what turned out to be a slump is a thing of the past as he’s on many major festival lineups this year and “working on music with some of the biggest producers.”

— EPTIC (@Eptic) January 25, 2020

All of this is to say that no matter where you are in your career, things can always turn around. Never stop working, never stop grinding, because when you do, that’s when you stop growing.

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Photo by Travis Ferkitch