Eprom Drops Third Single “The Circle” from Upcoming Album “Syntheism”

Electronic music producer Eprom has recently unveiled the third single from his highly anticipated album “Syntheism,” set to release in 2023. This latest single, titled “The Circle,” is now available for streaming on Spotify. According to the artist’s Twitter account, this will be the final single release before the full album drops.

In early March, Eprom announced that he was working on the “biggest project of his life.” He later released a trailer for “Syntheism,” revealing that the concept album centers around dystopian mega-corporations. This will be the artist’s first full-length album in nine years.

Eprom’s innovative sound design skills and abstract compositions have established him as a pioneer in the experimental and west coast bass music scene. Fans can also check out a captivating live clip of him performing “The Circle” during one of his “Live Robotics” shows.

Fans eagerly anticipate the release of “Syntheism,” as Eprom’s unique style and vision promise to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding the upcoming album.