Eprom Drops Absolutely Insane New Single “The Cat” Off Forthcoming EP

Fresh off last year’s critically acclaimed Shades album In Praise of Darkness, Eprom has shifted focus back on his solo project with a forthcoming EP on Deadbeats due early this summer. “The Cat” is the first single off the Aikon EP, and I can safely say it is unlike any other track you will hear this year. Imagine Rusko’s wobble sound stripped down to its barest form, hardly any melody — just drums, and synths. Imagine that, and maybe you’ll get halfway to the reality of “The Cat.” The true nature of the track is hard to pin down. Between the innocuous track title, the otherworldly track art, and the mind boggling sound of the track itself, it’s hard to say just what Eprom had in mind here.

“The Cat” definitely isn’t a track you can dance to. And with so much empty space in the track, it’s hard to even think of an appropriate lighting sequence for a live show. And yet, it’s addictive.