EPIC 6.0: Eric Prydz To Debut Massive Holosphere At Tomorrowland

Year after year, Eric Prydz takes his most iconic production up a notch — one EPIC move at a time. Coming up, the global DJ/producer reportedly has plans to perform inside a holographic sphere that stands more than two stories high! The latest installment of Eric Prydz In Concert (EPIC) is destined to be the greatest spectacle yet. He’s set to unveil this massive and transparent LED sphere known as EPIC 6.0: Holosphere— and nothing will do it justice like seeing the show live.

Prydz explains in a Verge exclusive: “Ever since we started doing EPIC our goal has always been to try and blow people away, but in a way that they haven’t been blown away before at an electronic dance music event.”

He adds: “Huge confetti cannons and flamethrowers are very primitive. I thought, we can do better than this. We can do something different and more exciting.”

Since the first EPIC show in 2011, the production has grown into a dazzling, visionary display of sight and sound. From the looks of it, Holosphere will be the most mind-bending music experience yet from Eric Prydz and his team.

The Holosphere will be premiered at Tomorrowland on July 20th. Let’s hope it makes the live stream!

— Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) June 13, 2019

Source: The Verge | Photo via Rukes.com