Enter “ Arcade Fire ” By Doctor P And FuntCase, The “ lost dubplate of 2010 ”

Before every set ever was available online in some fashion, before camera phones with high quality video and audio, there existed dubplates. Dubplates were single (or very few) pressings of songs that only a select few were given the privilege of spinning live, and these were some of the tracks that fans clamored for at every single show. Nowadays, with streaming services and the constantly revolving 24-hour news cycle, many artists feel forced to continuously release new material for fans.

Still, there are some tracks that take years — or in this case, a decade — to finally see the light of day. Enter “Arcade Fire” by Doctor P and FuntCase, the “lost dubplate of 2010.”

You can immediately tell it began over a decade ago, with synth designs similar to Never Say Die or Circus Records artists of the day, like Brown & Gammon, 501, Roksonix, or Subscape.

Getting back on the road has energized both bass behemoths, their blistering b2b sets leaving venues flattened and the creative juices flowing. Itching to get back in the studio they’ve put the finishing touches on a visionary system shocker like no other – “think Mortal Kombat meets Street Fighter meets Tekken in a smoke-filled neon Akihabara arcade and you’re not even halfway there,” says the press release. (Kudos to whoever wrote that.)

Check it out below!

Photo via Rukes.com