Enjoy a Global Music Palate in Artist Lele Pons’ Newly Released Groovy Single ‘Volar’

The sundry of lyrical and musical collaborations structured through captivating modulations and dynamics in Lele Pons’ new song ‘Volar’ is a beautiful transgression.

The contemporary jive and groom of musical independence in upcoming artist Lele Pons’ soundscape is already garnering critical appreciation from both the industry and the audience. A multi-faceted artist who has utilized her creative expanse in the making of her new song, ‘Volar’ puts her in the shoes of a promising artist. The song is a collaboration between the vocal dedication of herself and fellow artist Susan Diaz that is molded into a dance number by the magical turntables of Victor Cardenas in a boisterous groove. It is a party anthem that sets the mood of frolic by giving everyone the respite to enjoy it within their own scopes. Congregating the elements of modulations, the song has received a new level of hype as the best icebreaker of creative dissimilarities.

Lele Pons and her vocal clarity manifest itself in the song reflecting her fervor and ability to produce creative, musical sculptures. She has had vast experiences in the industry that has broken her shackles of the public plight and led her to embrace her music without any hindrances. ‘Volar’ depicts her career graph across the most part and so do her other works like ‘Vete Pa La’, ‘Celoso’, ‘Dicen’, and ‘Bloqueo’ among others. Follow her journey on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and more and experience contemporary musical excellence.



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