Enamour Is Back With Impressive ‘Voye/ Culture Is Chaos’ EP [Zerothree Music]

It’s no secret that Enamour is incredibly talented. He has developed a sound that delicately walks the line between deep introspection and pure club play. If you catch him live, you’ll see that his sets are an intricate blend of deep, progressive, tech house and techno that values musicality over anything else. He’s back with a brand new EP, ‘Voye/Culture Is Chaos’, signed to none other than the prog powerhouse label, Zerothree. Strap in, because this is a mesmerizing 15 minute ride through some of the best progressive music I’ve heard all year.

“Voye” kicks things off in a dark, hypnotic fashion, whisking you away as bright melodies flutter on top of a thundering groove. “Culture Is Chaos” maintains a similar aura, driven by a shimmering lead and an impeccable arrangement.

‘Voye/Culture Is Chaos’ both bring a real classy underground vibe to the label, each telling their own journey in a very different way. Expect twists, turns and elements that will wow. Two records that will keep your ears active – an EP that will stand the test of time.

Stream Enamour’s ‘Voye/Culture Is Chaos’ EP below!