Eminent artist Lovari renders melodic harmony wrapped up in instrumental majesty in his new MV ‘Plenty’

The hottest music video ‘Plenty’ from renowned musician Lovari’s album Moment Of Love channels picturesque libretto through grand acoustic and soulful melodies.

The revolutionary grandeur of the electronic music genre with its internationally versatile approach makes it one of the most popular genres by design. Emerging from the vast pool of electronic musicality is the hottest music video ‘Plenty’ by prominent musician Lovari from the album Moment Of Love, with the visual concept of presenting the artist up-close in a disdain ambiance with exceptional instrumental treatments serving as the foundation of his mesmerizing melodies with a groundbreaking rhythmic scheme, brings out the true essence of the soundtrack.

Coming from New York City, Lovari takes advantage of his exotic voice to fire up his performance of raw passion and marvelous artistry. This Grammy Award attendee musician has made a remarkable achievement with his new song ‘Plenty’ which is a remake of Sarah McLachlan’s track, featured on her 1990s album “Fumblin Towards Ecstasy”, interlacing his personal strokes, granting it a rejuvenating impression. With his album Moment Of Love which is available on Spotify, debuted at number 2 on iTunes Electronic Albums Chart in America and also reached the Top 40 of iTunes US Pop Albums Chart, this well-seasoned artist has bestowed his audience with his wonderful creations like ‘Wonderful’, ‘Moment of Love’, ‘Spanish Guitar’, and ‘My Loving’. Be sure to follow him on YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook.

The Album Moment of Love: