Emerging Producer FLY Reveals Captivating “Lucid Dream” EP through Memory Palace Records

Memory Palace Records has finally released the highly anticipated EP “Lucid Dream” by the pioneering electronic producer FLY. This visionary project takes listeners on a captivating journey through a variety of soundscapes, showcasing FLY’s profound creative insights and his growth as an artist. Drawing inspiration from nature’s wonders, the complexities of human existence, and the mysterious realm of dreams, each track offers a unique exploration.

From the introspective depths of “Nostalgia,” delving into themes of déjà vu, to the boundary-pushing exploration of dreams, perception, and relationships in “Tipping Point,” each composition highlights FLY’s artistic talent and innovation. With “Lucid Dream,” FLY continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, and we eagerly anticipate where his signature sound will take us next. Stream “Lucid Dream” below to experience the journey firsthand.