Emerging earlier this year as a new alias for Martin Garrix, Ytram returns with a new collaboration, “Alive” with Citadelle

‘Alive’ sees him team up with Citadelle, a brand-new DJ duo from Paris. Their sound perfectly complements the deeper output Ytram has been showcasing throughout the year as heard on his previous release “Fire” with Elderbrook.

A portion of “Alive” will also serve as the official title track for his good friend, Dutch race car driver Max Verstappen’s documentary; Whatever It Takes. (Note: this documentary is available exclusively in the Netherlands at this time). Perfectly complementing the spectacular racing images, the track takes the viewer on a ride and allows them to feel the adrenaline showcased throughout the documentary.

Garrix is also set to play Tomorrowland’s New Year’s Eve festival later this month to close out 2020. Listen to “Alive” and keep an eye out for more exciting news from Garrix in 2021.

Photo via Rukes.com