Embroidered Tattoos Are Instagram’s Latest Must-Try Trend

You know that Cinderella moment when you discover something that makes you feel oh so pretty? Well, embroidered tattoos are the new way to experience some of that fairy-tale magic.

Embroidered tattoos are the hottest things on Instagram right now, probably because they look like they’ve actually been embroidered on your skin. The tats are done with special finesse to make them look almost 3-D. They’re obviously a lot more intriguing than regular watercolor tattoos. You can actually bring in a patch of fabric or a fancy shawl and ask your tattoo artist to recreate the look on any part of your body.

Keep in mind that embroidered tattoos may take longer to apply, especially if you’re going for something expansive. And it’s important to go to an artist you trust that has some experience creating the intricate designs.