Embracing Nature, Art, and Culture: Throttle’s Triumph in the Music World

Melbourne-native Robbie Bergin, the mastermind behind Throttle, burst onto the electronic music scene at a mere 14 years of age when he inked his inaugural song. Since then, his rise to stardom has been nothing short of phenomenal, amassing over 300 million streams on Spotify alone and gracing the grandest stages worldwide, from Tomorrowland to EDC Las Vegas.

A Break from the Beats

Taking a well-deserved hiatus over the past year, Throttle ventured into the fashion community, exploring new avenues of influence while immersing himself in the splendors of nature, art, and culture. These voyages of discovery have served as a wellspring of inspiration, fueling his latest masterpiece, “I Walk This Earth All By Myself,” signed under the prestigious label, Monstercat.

The Epitome of Artistic Fusion

Blending his musical heritage with cutting-edge sound design, “I Walk This Earth All By Myself” stands as Throttle’s most refined work to date. It transcends all expectations with its shimmering vocals, captivating effects, and a riveting bassline that collectively draw upon his unparalleled passion and creativity.

A Journey into Musical Brilliance

The brilliance of Throttle’s new single lies in its seamless blend of classic drum & bass elements with contemporary innovation. Each beat resonates with the artist’s journey of self-discovery and growth, reflecting the harmony he finds in both the world of music and the world at large.

Unleashing the Soulful Vocals

At the heart of the track lies its soulful vocals, pouring emotions into every lyric, and leaving listeners spellbound. Throttle’s impeccable control over melody and rhythm creates an immersive experience that transports the audience into a world entirely of their own.

Captivating Effects that Mesmerize

“I Walk This Earth All By Myself” boasts a plethora of captivating effects, skillfully intertwined to create an ethereal ambiance that envelops the listener. Throttle’s finesse in layering soundscapes elevates the song to a celestial realm, guiding the audience through a sonic journey unlike any other.

The Enthralling Bassline

Undoubtedly, the heartbeat of this track lies in its enthralling bassline. Throttle’s mastery in crafting deep, resonating basses injects an infectious energy into the song, ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression on anyone who experiences its sonic brilliance.

Monstercat’s Seal of Approval

As a testament to its excellence, “I Walk This Earth All By Myself” found its home in Monstercat, a label renowned for its unwavering commitment to promoting groundbreaking talents in the electronic music landscape. Throttle’s partnership with Monstercat solidifies his position as an artist who continues to push boundaries and redefine the genre.


In conclusion, Throttle’s triumphant return with “I Walk This Earth All By Myself” marks a new chapter in his musical journey. With a seamless fusion of his musical roots and visionary sound design, this exceptional single showcases Throttle’s evolution as an artist. As we revel in the splendor of his latest release, we eagerly anticipate what future marvels this prodigious talent will bring to the world of electronic music.